Report | Under-11s reach League Cup Final

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Good early pressure from Southampton right from the off with strong play from Winchester to counter.

Always a tense meeting and this time was no different, frustrating first 20minutes with strong defence from both teams and quick breaks forcing saves at each end of the slippery pitch but the score entering the half time break remained 0-0.

Full effort again right from the whistle in the second half with determination and patience finally paying off with Emily tenaciously beating the keeper to open the scoring after 10 minutes 1-0 Emily.

More pressure back on from both teams and strong defence resulting in a break down the left with five minutes to go from Chloe ending up in the back of the net 2-0 Chloe.

Full effort right to the final whistle and standout performances all round with Leyla picking up player of the match. Well done all round girls

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