Report | Under-12s v KBS Youth

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

With the New Year came a new league and new player, Lexie North was welcomed to Southampton under-12s squad.

Lexie kicked off proceedings with a good early ball in to Darcey Maxted.

Just two minutes in and Chloe Sheffield passed back to Pippa Sproul, leading to an early goal attempt by Darcey in the 2nd minute.

Some strong passes between Darcey, Chloe and Lexie followed, with Pippa and Mo Delaney on hand in midfield to get some good touches back up field.

On the rare occasion in the opening minutes whenever the ball did travel back down the other end, Michelle Orji kicked the ball to safety, Sophie Moore rapidly reached the ball before her opponent and Victoria Orji got the ball back up field; a strong defence.

Seven minutes in, Lexie got the ball in to Chloe and Mo made an attempt at

goal, with the first of many well-taken corners by Chloe.

A great ball in from Pippa in the 10th minute, lead to another attempt at goal by Mo.

Seconds later, Victoria was on hand to pass up to Chloe but the KBS defender got in front to prevent a first goal from Southampton.

More strong corner balls followed, along with equally strong defending from both sides.

KBS’s first real chance came in the 14th minute, but found Southampton goalkeeper Emma Stait’s hands.

One minute later, Darcey had a shot at goal which went just over the bar.

Despite this flurry of action, a few minutes later, KBS made a break and found the back of the net, as the ball trickled past the goalkeeper giving KBS the lead. 1-0 to KBS Youth.

The Southampton side sprang into action with some strong passing and plenty of battles in the goal area.

Chloe won the ball and some strong passing between Pippa, Chloe, Lexie and Mo led to a good attempt at goal by Mo in the 21st minute, followed by another attempt by Darcey in the 23rd minute.

Despite the high percentage of Southampton possession a first goal wasn’t to be.

A strong kick by goalkeeper Emma saw Victoria pass the ball up to Chloe who got the ball in towards Lexie.

Pippa continued to read the game well, getting into position to retain possession and a few strong corners from Chloe lead to more attempts by Southampton to score, but KBS defended well.

Four minutes before the end of the first half, the pace picked up, leading to a powerful shot at goal from Lexie in the 27th minute.

Some great football followed with good touches from Victoria and Michelle in to Chloe and Pippa and some good pressure by Darcey.

It was all Southampton in the final minute of the first half with Mo crossing the ball in to Chloe who had an attempt at goal and, seconds later won the ball from the goal keeper and took another great corner ball, as the whistle blew to signal the end of a nail-biting first half.

In the second half, Brooke Suddaby came on for Pippa and Poppy Baxter came on for Mo.

Between them, Pippa and Brooke got the ball in to Lexie whose strong shot at goal in the 33rd minute went just over the crossbar.

Minutes later, KBS Youth made a strong run, leading to the first of a trio of cracking saves by Southampton goalkeeper, Emma Stait.

In the 36th minute, Lexie had another shot at goal, which went just wide but, the team were determined to equalise and, just one minute later in the 37th minute, a Chloe corner lead to a great goal from newcomer Lexie North, making the score 1-1.

Half way through the second half, Poppy battled hard to keep possession.

Minutes later, Brooke won the ball back to get it up field, but KBS didn’t give up and attacked hard to win a corner.

Darcey came off for Mo and some strong defending from Michelle and Victoria prevented another KBS goal, as did Emma bravely coming out in the 45th minute to seize the ball as it ventured towards the net.

Sophie and Michelle defended well, winning the ball back each time it was lost.

And, when the ball got past the Southampton defence, Emma was on hand to make a super save, as she did with her foot in the 51st minute.

Pippa came on for Poppy and Darcey came on for Brooke and some strong passing on the wing between Victoria and Pippa created more opportunities.

A great header by Pippa played in to Chloe and a free kick to Southampton went just wide.

But the girls deserved to score, having played some great football throughout and, in the 57th minute, just three minutes before the final whistle, that moment came to fruition as Mo passed the ball to Pippa who fed the ball in to Darcey Maxted, who scored the winning goal. 2-1 to Southampton.

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