MR | U12 12 v 2 BSS Portsmouth 13/10

Southampton Women’s FC U12 were back on form today as they played a great match against BSS Portsmouth, who battled hard and never gave up.

Following strong passes from Esme Taylor and Chloe Sheffield, Darcey Maxted started as she meant to go on with an opening goal in the first minute.

A few minutes into the game, Pippa Sproul, Sophie Moore and Brooke Suddaby were winning the ball in midfield, leading to a great ball in to Chloe whose goal attempt in the 6th minute hit the cross bar. Just one minute later and Chloe found the back of the net following a strong pass by Esme Taylor, making the score 2-0 to Southampton Women in the 7th minute.

BSS Portsmouth battled hard to win the ball and made a great run, culminating in a strong clearance to safety by Victoria Orji and a flurry of goal attempts within the space of three minutes from the Southampton side. An attempt by Chloe in the 10th minute went over and an attempt by Darcey in the 11th minute resulted in a cracking save by the BSS goalkeeper. But Southampton kept pressing on with some great passing between Pippa, Chloe and Darcey, leading to another goal from Darcey in the 12th minute.

Robyn Hagues came on for Victoria Orji and Poppy Baxter came on for Brooke Suddaby, before BSS made a break a got one back for the Portsmouth side, making the score 3-1 to Southampton.

Some great midfield passing saw Chloe get the ball to Poppy who passed to Pippa, getting the ball upfield, but the whistle was blown for offside. BSS Portsmouth stepped up their defending following some strong passes between Robyn and Esme, and half way through the first half the Portsmouth side took possession, resulting in a great save by Southampton goalkeeper, Emma ‘Safe Hands’ Stait.

Two minutes later, Poppy got the ball to midfield where Darcey won the ball, dribbled up field and scored her hatrick in the 17th minute, making the score, 4-1 to Southampton. A cracking throw in by Micelle to Darcey and a good run resulted in another goal attempt which travelled just wide.

Some great defending from Michelle Orji, Sophie Moore and Robyn Hagues followed before Esme Taylor won possession of the ball and ran up from the half way line, dribbling past the BSS players to score the 5th goal of the game. 5-1.

Brooke Suddaby came back on for Sophie Moore and Victoria Orji came on for Michelle Orji and cracking goal kick from Emma gave Darcey another opportunity to take the ball up field to score another goal in the 22nd minute. Michelle then came on for Chloe and Poppy battled with BSS defence to come very close to scoring before Darcey dribbled round the goalkeeper to score another, bringing the score to 7-1.

Sophie came on for Darcey and Robyn battled to clear the ball out of danger towards Brooke who passed to Michelle who got the ball in to Esme for another goal attempt which was collected by the BSS keeper in the 26th minute.

Another goal attempt by Pippa followed immediately after as the Southampton side continued to pile on the pressure, and another strong pass by Michelle led to another goal attempt by Pippa, which arrived just short of goal.

Poppy, Esme and Michelle piled on the pressure in the goal mouth as the first half came to a close resulting in another great goal attempt by Pippa Sproul and a cracking save by the BSS goalkeeper, whose resilience earned her the BSS Player of the Game moniker. Victoria battled hard to win the ball, passing to her sister, Michelle who made a strong attempt which was saved by the BSS keeper in the 30th minute.

With the score at half time an impressive 7-1 to Southampton, BSS weren’t fazed and came out fighting, but Brooke won the ball back, passing to Esme Taylor in the 32nd minute, who had a shot at goal, which went just over the crossbar.

Poppy won the ball up front, passing to Chloe who scored a screamer of a goal in the 33rd minute, making the score 8-1. Poppy continued to battle up front and came very close to scoring herself.

Pippa came on for Chloe and some great clearances Michelle, Victoria and strong passes from Darcey and Brooke led to a great goal attempt by Robyn in the 36th minute and another by Michelle soon after, saved once again by the BSS goalkeeper.

But Southampton continued to put on the pressure, resulting in a great goal by Michelle Orji in the 41st minute. 9-1 to Southampton. Sophie came on for Michelle and ran straight up the wing to put on more pressure.

BSS responded by ramping up the pressure themselves resulting in a great save by Emma Stait. And it wasn’t long before a BSS player dribbled round Southampton’s defence, managing to score their second goal in the 42nd minute to make the score line 9-2. Chloe came back on for Esme and a great pass by Robyn led Brooke Suddaby to score in the 48th minute, making the score 10-2 to Southampton.

Two minutes later and Darcey came up from midfield to score her second hatrick in the 20th minute. BSS retaliated with a great run as they slip through the defence and had a cracking attempt at goal, resulting in a great save by Emma.

Michelle came on for Pippa and Darcey won the ball to get it up to Brooke who passed to Poppy who battled hard in the goal area once more and came very close to scoring. Another strong run up the wing by Robyn led to another goal for the Southampton side in the 58th minute, making the final score, 12-2 to Southampton.

Great to see so many names (including some first-time-scorers) on the score sheet. Well done to Poppy Baxter whose relentless battling led to her being chosen by BSS Portsmouth as Southampton Women’s FC player of the game.

Result: Southampton 12 BSS Portsmouth 2

Goals : Darcy 6, Chloe 2, Esme 1, Michelle 1, Brooke 1, Robyn 1

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