Report | Under-12s 1 v 4 Andover Town

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The girls braved the rain and battled hard in their first loss of the season against a strong Andover side.

Darcey Maxted made a great cross in the opening minutes, followed by a goal attempt in the 8th minute, after a strong cross into the area by Chloe Sheffield.

Some strong defending by Robyn Hagues, Victoria and Michelle Orji followed before the whistle blew for offside in the 10th minute.

Pippa Sproul cleared the ball out of danger for an Andover corner and goalkeeper Emma Stait kicked the ball away.

Minutes later, Chloe Sheffield found the back of the net with a close up goal in the 17th minute, giving the Southampton Women’s FC girls an early lead.

Some great runs by Esme Taylor, good pressure by Pippa Sproul and a good pass by Poppy Baxter preceded another goal attempt by Chloe Sheffield in the 19th minute, just before Brooke Suddaby came on for Poppy.

Strong passing and dribbling from Esme and Pippa led to an attempt at goal by Darcey in the 22nd minute, but the ball was soon travelling down the Andover end of the pitch and as Emma came out to try to retrieve the ball, it rolled in to make the score 1-1 in the 23rd minute.

Just one minute later Emma came out of goal again to secure the ball and deliver a strong goal kick, followed by an Andover attempt flagged offside.

Brooke took the ball up the line to Pippa, leading to another attempt by Darcey in the 29th minute reached its target but the Andover goalkeeper made a great save.

With Brooke and Pippa clearing the ball out of danger, it wasn’t long before Andover made another goal attempt, straight into Emma’s hands, keeping the score-line level as the half-time whistle blew.

Within the first minute of the whistle blowing to open the second half, Andover scored in the 31st minute, making the score 2-1.

A goal attempt by Darcey Maxted soon followed and a great ball in by Brooke, led to another strong attempt at goal by Chloe, which went wide.

Emma continued to come out to hold the ball securely and, five minutes into the second half a goal attempt by Andover led to a great save by Emma.

Brooke battled for a corner and some strong defending by Robyn and Victoria saw the girls working hard with Michelle to get the ball up to Esme and Darcey.

A goal attempt by Chloe in 40th minute followed, before the ball headed back down field for Emma to collect.

Before long Darcey made a break down the wing but was intercepted by Andover.

Brooke defended well to win the ball, leading to another goal attempt by Chloe which went just wide in the 44th minute.

Southampton continued to work really hard with some strong throws by Victoria and Brooke getting the ball up the line to give Darcey and Chloe the opportunity for more goal attempts.

Poppy Baxter came on for Esme Taylor in the 50th minute and got an immediate touch on the ball towards Darcey who’s goal attempt in the 51st minute went just wide.

Emma made a great save in the 52nd minute but, seconds later Andover scored their third goal of the match in the 53rd minute.

Within two minutes, Andover found the back of the net again after a great run, making the score 4-1 to Andover.

Esme Taylor came on for Brooke Suddaby and the closing minutes saw Southampton battling with a lot of action taking place down the Southampton end.

Some great runs by Pippa who worked hard to keep the ball in with Darcey defending and Emma making a great save to end the match.

The final score didn’t reflect the game, but a lot can be learned from this, Southampton’s first loss of the season.

Well done to Esme Taylor for being chosen as Andover’s player of the game.

Full-time: Southampton 1 Andover 4

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