REPORT | Under-11s v Winchester Flyers

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Winchester kicked off to start a passing possession battle from both teams with good use of space, Winchester managing retain possession.

The next 10 minutes saw Southampton press the Winchester goal with great tackling and releasing from Chloe and Emma down the right and Ailish through the middle with Leyla tenacious as ever in midfield.

Some excellent footwork from Amy and solid work from Emily, Sienna and Summer kept the pressure on, with Ella staying solid at left back.

Southampton conceded a free kick just outside the box.

A visionary switch of play out from the back by Ella released Chloe to break down the right and challenge the Winchester keeper.

More battling with a strong defence outnumbered by pink shirts and some good passing and breaking play, but we were frustrated by breakdowns in communication and static players.

We had a strong spell of good play for the last 10 minutes, even though we went a player down through injury.

Player of the match: Ella

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