MR| U11 v Pace Youth Lynx

It was a cold but still sunny turnout for our second outing with the offside rule. We played the first half against a low sun and started evenly with good movement and need for strong defence again. The girls worked hard on putting the ball forward, resulting in some penetrating breaks and good observation and passing up from Amy and Leyla resulting in a well-worked corner. Chloe worked hard on the wing and well timed passing from all tooke the ball forward with Ailish and Emily playing a part.

Pace hit the post after a diving save from Brewer and another effort forcing the saves. Quick thinking and smooth releases from all, especially Leyla, releasing Chloe for a fine solo run into the box. More pinpoint passing through the field and each player beating their opposite number with a tenacious effort from Sienna and Summer working hard in the middle. The remainder of the half saw much of the play in our half with Brewer having to keep us safe on several occasions and without doubt a huge goal saving tackle from Victoria just before the half time whistle.

Strong start back with full compliment of players (we had 8 for the first half) and a strong solo break from Leyla resulted in corner. Back up and down the pitch both teams worked hard with Pace forcing more diving saves from Brewer. Our response comprised stand out turns from Chloe finding the post from outside the box, runs from Leyla through the field, Summer doggedly plaguing their defence and Amy finishing well. More pressure came from Pace put pressure on the defence seeing the back line applying the offside rule in defence catching Pace out twice in otherwise dangerous positions.

Summer and Chloe both had a goal disallowed for offside, still learning how to time those runs! All the players swapped positions and had spells in defence and forwards, learning abut how their team mates play.

Both teams finished on a high with some good shots from near and far.

Good game for all and throughout second half Pace came out a different side, but really good work, especially for the majority of the first half as we were a player down.

Player of the match, difficult to judge but well deserved for Chloe.

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