Report | Under-11s 5-1 Pace Youth League Cup

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Good start right from the whistle again with possession and play dominated by Southampton to start with.

Good passing play, footwork and use of space on the large pitch.

Play switching back after 10 mins calling on the defence with Emma having a Stirling workout as right back.

Southampton broke away again on the counter with a great solo effort from Ailish forcing the Pace keeper into play.

Play back to the Southampton end and Brewer in goal had to work hard to keep the ball away.

Good defensive play from Ella on the left constantly beating her opposite player to keep our goal line safe. More pressure from Pace with Chloe covering a desperate scramble from Pace clearing the ball away.

Play back up in the Pace half through hard work from Leyla in the middle but a break from Pace resulted in the opening goal after 20 mins 1-0.

Pressure back on after the restart with a run from Chloe down the left opening Amy up for a shot on target to be saved by the Pace keeper.

Another break from Lelya with a cross into the box agonisingly off the keeper again.

Tenacious work from Emily up front winning back the ball after a strong chase by Southampton, moving back to strong defence again, this time Sienna and Summer keeping Brewer safe.

More strong running up front with Emily forcing another save from the pace keeper just before the half time whistle. 1-0 at Half Time.

Second half start with wind at Southampton back starting strong win Chloe finding the side netting after 10 mins, followed by Leyla forcing a save for a corner, ball back up with Pace on the break again testing Emma and Ella in defence, turned around quickly with a fast break from Emily resulting in a deserved first goal for Emily.

Repeat performance after a strong defence from Emma releasing Emily in the break again 1-2 Emily.

Another break after the restart with Ailish releasing Amy to just push it past the post, but a short reprieve for Pace with Chloe finding the back of the net shortly after 1-3.

Southampton corner with Sienna-finding the post Pace back on the run forced Ella, summer and brewer to earn their keep.

Pace pressure very much on, brewer having to push a strong shot over the bar at full stretch, taken out strong by Summer, released for Chloe to run up the left passing to a full stretched Amy to squeeze it inside the right post 1-4 Amy.

Another break with hard work from Ailish and Any releasing Emily for another hard chase to the post finding its mark 1-5 Emily back on the Pace goal line, with hard work from their keeper saving Amy, Leyla and Emily attempts in quick succession with Ella putting the ball over the bar at the final whistle.

1-5 final score really tense end to end game to watch with their keeper taking player of the match for Pace and Emily Harryman for Southampton.

We progress to the next round of the cup and will play Winchester Flamingos on 1st December.

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