Report | Under-11s v Alresford Town (Cup)

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Another superb team performance in the pouring rain today.

Really good teamwork, everyone looking to make passes to players in space.

Ailish was outstanding in this regard and is shaping up as an excellent player, making some thoughtful passes out to Emma on the right wing.

Emma was also having one of her best games, constantly beating the defenders and bringing in the forwards - she got injured so early on and had to be substituted.

Emily coming on as sub was another player who shone in the middle of the park (playing out of position) she ran the midfield for large periods of time.

It was largely one-way traffic for the entire game, although when called on Ms Brewer made some fine diving saves, to stop Alresford from scoring.

The second half was relentless pressure from Southampton. Skilful play from Amy & Chloe on the wings stopped Alresford from getting back into the match.

Summer was an absolute diamond in defence especially the second half.

Whilst everyone was thinking about attacking and not concentrating on their position, it was Summer who mopped up any danger on her own, in one instance defending against three forwards by herself, winning the ball, and then bringing the ball out from the back, and playing an excellent pass to Chloe. For me this was the best bit of skill from the game.

Girl of the game surely goes out to Michelle, must have been tough on her on this "silent weekend".

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